What is the vegan lifestyle about and what does a VEGAN logo tell you?

The vegan way of life is defined as a way of living that excludes all forms of animal exploitation whether for food, clothing, cosmetics, hygiene products, household appliances or any other purpose in general. 

For those who have chosen this lifestyle, we clearly labeled our natural cosmetics that do not contain any animal ingredients or substances of animal origin. We are proud to say that three-quarters of our products actually fit in this category!

Those products that miss the label about 30 cosmetics in total contain honey and whey as non-vegan ingredients. These two components are essential in maintaining the quality and efficacy our cosmetics are legendary for.

Why do vegans love our cosmetics?

Practically we already explained that, but there is more to it. The highly active ingredient of the vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs we use in our natural cosmetics originate almost exclusively from our own or other local organic farms. We are talking about more than 100 different species of plants, from melons to marigolds to yarrows. These are way richer in biologically active substances than their counterparts from conventional cultivation, and to make our products even more efficient.

Synthetic add-ons are not our friends either: we do not use the usual synthetic fragrances, and all our beautiful smells originate in natural ingredients. As a matter of fact, if one takes a closer look at our gels, the small petals, seeds and sometimes whole fruits can be easily spotted within the product. The same goes for our product colors: we firmly exclude synthetic dyes, so the cosmetics only show colors our beautiful nature provides itself, from pastel green to cherry red.

In addition, our cosmetics are certified by COSMOS NATURAL and BDIH as being genuine and reliable natural cosmetics, which also proves that we as a company follow a strict standard in our health- and environment-friendly manufacturing technology. We do not use any of the ingredients considered hazardous and unnatural such as parabens, paraffin oil or vaseline. 

We respect all forms of life!

We take this responsibility quite literally: when collecting some of our ingredients in the wilderness, we make sure the habitat we interfere in can easily regenerate. 

The protection of the natural habitat has always been a major concern for us as a company, and we have been active supporters of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society for years. 

We do not conduct animal tests. It had been banned in the European Union since 2004, but we never followed a path: instead, we created it ourselves. We have been careful protectors of the flora and fauna since the first cream created by Aunt Ilcsi more than 60 years ago. 

Irresponsible packaging can do a great harm to the environment, so we pay a special attention to that aspect of the production process. Our containers are made of recyclable plastic, have a reduced plastic content (13-17% less than our earlier package design), and they are free of PBA. 

During transport, we use environmentally friendly solutions instead of traditional space fillers.