6+1 ideas for effective wintertime skincare

In one of our earlier posts about autumn skincare, we already talked about how the harsher, windy, cold weather from autumn to spring affects our skin’s hydration and firmness and how our skin’s blood circulation slows down making the skin sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Here are 6+1 suggestions on how to adapt the closing steps of your skincare routine to the even harsher winter weather!

1. Switch to a heavier, fuller cream! In the colder months your skin loves the more intense cosmetics that give it the right protection under these harsher weather conditions.

2. Set a proper humidity level! The dry air in centrally heated homes contributes to your skin’s dehydration. To prevent this, install evaporators in your home or office, and make sure your skin is properly hydrated!

3. Caress your whole body! It’s not just your face that needs protection this time of the year. The cold weather can take its toll on the skin of your body and hands: it loses circulation, dries out and can get itchy.  To prevent this, avoid bathing in too hot water, use soap and loofah sponges instead of shower gels, and make sure to use the right moisturizing lotion after bathing!

4. Don’t forget sun protection! The harmful UV rays reflected by white snow can cause sunburn if your weakened, pale skin is not properly protected. This is especially true for winter sports enthusiasts, but it can happen to anyone on a sparkling sunny winter day. Use the right preventive cosmetics!

5. Apply vitamin-rich products! Wintertime meals might not provide enough vitamins and minerals, so replenishing these is important for our skin and our health.

6. Treat your skin’s pigment spots! These darker months provide the best time to treat the pigment spots that many of us have problems with. Try an AHA treatment for intense skin renewal and pigment spot fading, among other benefits, or give our Oxygen treatments and Lightening product family a try!

6+1. Bring some holiday spirit to your skincare ritual! It’s the perfect time to try our Limited Edition Vitamins & Orange product family! The products’ delightful orange scent will remind you of the best festive moments of winter and will not only pamper your skin, but will also give an amazing fragrance experience… The soft, herbal Relaxing Cleansing Concentrate with Vitamins & Orange, made with calendula, sea buckthorn and active vitamins C and E, will regenerate the often lifeless, dry, itchy skin, while the soap’s distinctive scent provides a pleasant, relaxing fragrance escapade during a relaxing bath. The Nourishing Body Lotion with Vitamins & Orange, rich in sea buckthorn, calendula and vitamins C-E, will leave even the driest, flakiest skin soft and protected, while the Nourishing Hand Cream with Vitamins & Orange fits into the smallest of handbags thanks to its handy packaging.

Barbara Saliga

Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs