How to wisely hydrate your skin

If the skin feels dry and tight, it’s the skin’s way of telling you that it needs proper hydration and nourishment. Adequate hydration is important for slowing down the aging process, and is also essential for the skin’s basic functions and for better absorption of active ingredients. A moisturizer that contains the proper active ingredients can provide solutions to a variety of skin problems, but you might only get the results you want from a product that is perfectly suited to your skin. Ilcsi’s hydrating product range includes whip moisturizers, moisturizers and intensive nourishing creams – reading below will help to make the right choices in picking up the product your skin actually needs!

Whip moisturizers

Whip moisturizers are great for absorbing and maintaining the active ingredients of fruits and plants. They preserve the acidic environment in which plants are found naturally, so the level of these active ingredients stays as high as possible. Whip moisturizers are very delicate, light creams. They get absorbed quickly by your skin and leave no greasy feeling, making them perfect for both day and night use for your face, neck and cleavage. To apply, squeeze a pea sized amount into your damp hands and smooth it over your skin. If necessary, complete the process by applying a serum that suits your skin condition.


Moisturizers are also based on fresh fruits and herbs, but are a shade oilier than whip moisturizers. They are to be used in cases when you feel that whip moisturizers do not seem to work well enough, when your skin tone is diminishing or sagging, or when you sense that your skin needs more nourishment than it actually gets. While lightweight whip moisturizers might be sufficient in summer, your skin might crave for heavier creams in autumn and winter. Make sure to use the moisturizer on a daily basis to replenish your skin, to improve its water balance and make it supple and pleasant to the touch. Feel free to use them as both day and night creams for your face, neck and cleavage. If deemed necessary, smooth on it a layer of serum that suits your skin condition.

Rich moisturizers 

Rich moisturizers have an extremely high plant oil content and are therefore recommended if your skin lacks oil. If your skin needs hydration only, and not oil replenishment, it might be sufficient to forget intensive nourishing creams and incorporate only a serum and a whip moisturizer into your daily routine, as using oil heavy cosmetics will actually bring the opposite of the desired effect. When oil deficiency starts being a real issue, you may want to opt for a lighter moisturizer for the day and a rich moisturizer for the night. When used at the right time and during the right conditions, intensive nourishing creams can be used both as day and night products for your face, neck and cleavage. If necessary, add a serum that fits your skin condition.

Barbara Saliga

Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs