Masks, gel masks and treatments: a quick tutorial

Do you feel confused when it comes to distinguishing between masks, gel masks and treatments? Practically, there is no difference in their effectiveness and function, only in their consistency.  To help you choose the best cosmetic for your skin from Ilcsi’s wide range of products, we briefly discuss each of the three product types in this article.


Peeling is the process that causes your skin to exfoliate and eventually peel off. This helps in removing unnecessary, dead epithelial cells on the surface of our skin. This treatment stimulates your skin’s regenerative ability, improves its blood circulation, thus allowing more oxygen to the cells. In addition, peeling facilitates the entry of the active ingredients. As a result, your skin will be smoother, and the darker pigment spots and the fine lines might also fade.

Exfoliate your skin no more than once a week!
As a first step, clean your skin with a face cleanser. Toning comes second. The third step is already the refreshing peeling itself! Smooth your favourite peeling cosmetic on your skin in a medium thick layer, and make sure to rub it off after it dries or after a requested waiting time passes.

Gel masks

Gel masks are water based packs with a gel consistency, with a light, soft texture and really high water retention capabilities. Ilcsi gel masks have a uniquely high plant content, as the active ingredients we create these cosmetics from are not just plant extracts but the plants themselves. This also provides an intense and pleasant fragrance as a result. The complex active ingredients of the plants and fruits offer a large supply of vitamins, bioflavonoids, fructose, trace elements, pectins and phytoestrogens, thus noticeably replenishing your skin and giving it a silky, soft feel.

With 13 different gel masks to choose from, Ilcsi has a solution for every skin type and problem, whether it’s an issue connected to regeneration or nourishment. For problematic, oily, acne-prone skin you can opt for the Rose Hip Gel Mask, the Apple & Lemon Gel Mask or even the Herbal & Honey Gel Mask. The Rose Petal Gel Mask, the Gel Mask With Hexapeptide,  and the Anti-Ageing and Hyaluronic Gel Mask are excellent for firming and hydrating your skin. For a mature skin, we would recommend the Grape Stem Cell Gel Mask or the Pumpkin & Orange Gel Mask, while for fading pigmentation spots, the Fibrous Stonecrop Treatment and the Apple & Lemon Gel Mask may offer the best results. You can use the Nettle & Algae Treatment to treat cellulite, while if you’re looking for a vitamin boost plus some serious hydration, you should smooth on some Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Gel Mask, Apricot Gel Mask or Quince Gel Mask

To apply the gel mask, use it on your skin in medium thickness, press a gauze mask into it for easy removal, let it dry for 15-20 minutes, then peel it off from top to bottom and wash it off with a damp cotton pad or washcloth.

Cosmetic masks & Treatments

Treatments fill up your skin with vitamins and minerals and improve its circulation, leaving it fresh, toned and firm. Using a treatment will get you a beautiful, uniform skin complexion, with some spectacular results for all skin problems due to these products’ high content of active ingredients.

For sensitive skin with enlarged pores, 7 Herb Treatment might be a perfect choice, while for acne-prone skin make sure to choose Ichtiolyc Herbal Treatment. For oily, blackhead-prone skin, Vitamin C Tomato Mask is probably the best benefactor you can get, and for dehydrated skin, Phytoestrogen Mask or Cucumber & Parsley Treatment is the one that works. For nourishing a mature, oily skin, the Probiotic Treatment and the Carotene Extra Treatment or Vitalizing Antioxidant Treatment are also suitable. The Hot Paprika Body Treatment can be used to combat cellulite, while the justly famous Paprika Herbal Treatment can be used for all skin types. 

To apply the treatments, always cleanse your skin with a toner, then smooth over the treatment in medium thickness, wait 15-20 minutes, and wash off the surface of the skin using a wet cotton pad. (As treatments usually contain both an oily and aqueous base, they do not have the tendency to dry, making them easy to wash off.) Feel free to finish these steps with a serum or moisturizer you usually use during your daily routine.


At Ilcsi we offer two amazing products in this category: the Harmonizing Spirulina Green Mask, the benefactor of problematic skins, and the Pro-Ageing Vitalizing Mask, known for its excellent moisturising properties. 

These masks come in a powdery form, so you can apply them to your skin surface after mixing them with water. Make sure to remove the mask after 15-20 minutes drying time, or after achieving a rubbery consistency. 

Barbara Saliga

Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs