Our summer skincare routine tips

We are well in the middle of summer, the season that uplifts not only our body, but our soul as well. We spend more time in nature and enjoy the benefits of the sunshine and all summer experiences. However, as every season, summer also has an effect on the state of our skin. Let’s see what to pay attention to with our summer skincare routine.

Hydration inside and out!
Undoubtedly, the main secret of beautiful and healthy skin is the optimal level of hydration, which needs special attention in summer due to the stronger sunshine and air conditioned spaces. As we know, 2 major factors define the optimal skin hydration: drinking plenty of water and using the proper skincare products.

Choosing the proper products
Summer weather influences different skin types in various ways. For the seborrhoeic (oily) skin type, sunshine usually has a positive effect. However, too much sunshine enhances the process of horming. The resulting dead skin cells might clog the pores, which can result in more blackheads or pimples. To avoid this effect, it’s best to apply the Vitalizing Antioxidant Enzyme Peeling 1-2 times a week.

Dehydrated skin faces the problem of faster hydration loss due to the higher UV ray levels and warm temperature and also can be affected by the negative effects of free radicals. We can protect the skin using hydrating creams filled with flavonoids and carotenoids.

Besides hydration, people with dry skin type should not forget about the refill of lipids. To protect the skin, use a lighter moisturizing cream during the day, and a thicker, greasier nourishing cream at night.

With the arrival of warmer weather, choose a lighter, less greasy moisturizer for the day – for example serums, foam creams – which are quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

Summer skincare
Let’s not forget about the whole body skincare. Dry, flaky skin can be easily treated well if we use soap instead of shower gel. Soaps soften and dissolve dead skin cells, this way naturally helping the exfoliation and renewal of the skin. After bathing or showering, treat the skin with the Carotene Extra Body Lotion. The carotenoids contained in it help to create and maintain a uniform skin color, while at the same time protecting the skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and ensuring that the skin remains resilient and soft.

Sunbathing is best when done step by step
It’s important to allow the skin to get used to the higher level of sunshine during summer. If we don’t do this gradually, skin inflammation and other cosmetic problems, such as higher levels of pigmentation might occur. Start with 10 minutes in the sun and then increase by this amount day by day. However, don’t forget that you shouldn’t sunbathe more than 1,5 hours daily, to take good care of your skin.