Kick off the year with a spectacular peeling treatment


Have you ever tried peeling treatments based on exfoliating acids? Their popularity is on the rise as they are easy to use and the effects are really striking. In this article, we are outlining the most important know-how on performing Ilcsi’s AHA peeling treatments at home safely and without any skin damage.


Four inevitably important conditions to keep in mind

  1. Ilcsi’s Paprika Herbal Treatment has a crucial part in these exfoliating processes, so if you are sensitive to histamine or capsaicin, this peeling treatment is not for you.
  2. Definitely avoid peeling treatments based on exfoliating acids if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  3. Keep in mind that exfoliation has a strong photosensitising effect, and is to be performed only outside the sun-drenched summer months, ie. only from the fall until spring.
  4. Make sure to avoid tanning beds, sunbathing and sunbeds during your exfoliation treatment.


A few things to know about at-home exfoliation

  1. The AHA acidic peeling treatment is excellent for oily and dandruff-prone seborrheic, sensitive, inflammation-prone, acne-prone, oily and dehydrated, mature and wrinkled skin or for skin with rosacea and liver spots respectively. It’s also great in making cellulite and stria treatments more effective and treating hair folliculitis.
  2. A course of treatment lasts for three weeks, during which time you are recommended to exfoliate 6 times. Within the first week, apply the exfoliation three times with a minimum of two days break between each session. In the second week of the treatment, exfoliate twice and in the third week, exfoliate once.
  3. The treatment comes with a significant increase of blood circulation which might make you experience some skin redness that can persist for hours after the peeling has been washed off. We suggest applying the first treatment in the evening so your skin can calm down by the morning.
  4. If you experience nausea or skin blistering, an allergic reaction has occurred. Wash off the peeling as soon as possible and drink a few sips of lemon water!


Your necessary cosmetics

This exfoliating treatment relies on two Ilcsi products: the AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment and the Paprika Herbal Treatment.

The apple, grape, rosehip and lactic acid content of the AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment loosens and removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, helps skin renewal, improves water retention and has a wrinkle smoothing effect. Thanks to the fruity medium this product provides, it does not damage your skin’s surface even if left on for a longer time than the treatment requires.

The Paprika Herbal Treatment combines the powers of the paprika, sage and walnut leaves and it significantly increases blood and lymphatic circulation, helping your skin to receive the proper blood and oxygen supply essential for it’s renewal processes. Works well against all skin problems through a renewing and anti-inflammatory action, and it leaves your skin velvety, firm and youthful, while it has an additional effect of smoothing wrinkles. This wrap will, through its compressive effect, enhance the exfoliating action of the AHA treatment.

At the end of the treatment, you can optionally use Rose Hip Serum to soothe your skin.

Steps of the acidic peeling treatment

First, do a cleansing using a toner and a cleanser of your choice. Next, spread theAHA Fruit Pulp Treatment thinly and evenly. On top of that, apply the Paprika Herbal Treatment, at least twice as thick as the AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment. Embed a gauze within the wrap to make it easier removable.

Leave the wrap on for at least 35-40 minutes, depending on how quickly it dries. It might sting for the first 20 minutes, but this uncomfortable feeling will gradually subside. Be patient and always give this treatment full drying time, otherwise your skin may remain red for hours and the expected result may also not be achieved.

After drying, remove the wrap from the skin, gently peeling off the gauze and washing off any remnants. Use Rose Hip Serum to soothe your skin.


One last suggestion

If you have any questions before you start this treatment at home, or if you don’t dare to go for it by yourself, feel free to consult your beautician! Our suggestion in general is to do your very first session with a professional at your service. This way, you go for a guaranteed result – and you can also use the experience gained there for later home treatments!


Barbara Saliga

Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs