1. Rose hip whip moisturizer
A true all-time favorite, that was one of the first natural cosmetics invented by Aunt Ilcsi during her career as a cosmetician and researcher. The rose hip whip moisturizer is widely used in the field of cosmetics because it improves the appearance of oily, sensitive skin with rosacea. Rosehip is one of our most important sources of Vitamin C, and it also contains B1, B2 and P vitamins and micronutrients, all of which are excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing agents, promote the healing of the epidermis, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, and therefore have a spectacular effect on problematic, oily skin. Due to its high flavonoid and carotenoid content, it has a strong antioxidant effect, thus delaying the aging process. Thanks to its light texture, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy skin feel. You can use it both at night or during the day.

2. Mineral Cleansing concentrate
The Ilcsi Black soap has spectacularly nourished and beautified skin for decades thanks to its efficiency and special composition. It’s no coincidence that this homemade, gentle, skin-soothing soap enriched with ichthyol and plant oils has been the most popular Ilcsi product for years. Thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory, protective, mild astringent- and exfoliating properties, it provides a solution for inflamed, acne-prone skin or rosacea. You can also use it for inflamed hair follicles, shaving, and eczema-prone skin. Apply a thin layer to your dry skin with wet hands, like a cream, and then wash it off after a few minutes. You can use it in the morning and in the evening too.

3. Ichtyolic concealer
In 2022 our Ichtyolic concealer was very popular, which is recommended and particularly beneficial for our younger fans because it covers all pimples and comedones that can cause a lot of anxiety while soothing inflamed skin. Also, it does not smear and can be washed off with water. It has drying, soothing, astringent, exfoliating, and anti-inflammatory effects. What’s more, is that you can even use it after waxing to avoid and cover up inflamed hair follicles.

4. Paprika Herbal Treatment
In 2022, many of you loved one of our most special face masks. Thanks to its hot paprika content, it significantly increases blood and lymph circulation, helping the skin have an optimized blood and oxygen supply, which is essential for the skin’s self-renewal process. It has a restorative effect that addresses all skin problems, and after its use, the skin becomes smooth, tight, and youthful, and it also beautifully smooths out mature skin. Its rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effects make it a fast and powerful solution for the most stubborn skin problems with many possible treatment combinations. The spectacular results are immediately visible after use, which is why we use it in cosmetics before important events. This mask is one of the steps in the classic Ilcsi peeling treatment. Combine it with the AHA Fruit pulp treatment, and the result will speak for itself.

5. Anti-ageing & hyaluron moisturizer
Our Anti-aging & hyaluron moisturizer regenerates, replenishes, and tightens skin. It makes it flexible and silky soft in one step thanks to its unique and organic plant-based ingredients and owes these effects to its active ingredients and high hyaluronic acid content. The yucca plant has an excellent regenerative effect while the horsetail is rich in flavonoids, and the active ingredients in the ginkgo leaf improve skin tone and blood supply, and mallow seeds are rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron, and vitamins B1, B2, and A. It contains high concentrations of small and large molecule size hyaluronic acid, which contribute to the complete renewal of the skin. The larger molecules form a smooth film on the skin, locking moisture inside the skin and protecting it from harm, while the smaller ones get into deeper layers, where they use their water-binding properties to fill in wrinkles.

6. AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment
Our AHA fruit pulp treatment has instantly visible and tangible results for all skin types – a spectacular solution for all skin problems! It removes dead skin cells, helps with regeneration, has a wrinkle-smoothing and keratin-dissolving effect, and improves the skin’s ability to retain water. Apple, grape, medlar, and lemon sorghum oil help to clean the skin from in- and outside, so you’ll feel reborn. AHA fruit acid does not damage the skin’s surface – even after the treatment. It’s also excellent for oily, dandruff-prone, sensitive, inflammation-prone, and acne-prone skin and treats rosacea, age spots, and water-deficient, mature and wrinkled skin. You can use it to accelerate cellulite and stretch mark treatments, anti-ageing treatments, and pigment- or cleansing treatments. It’s also great for inflamed follicles and back acne, and as a prep for oxygen treatments.

7. Rose hip serum
Our widely loved Rose hip serum has remained consistently popular in 2022. This fast-absorbing serum was created for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Its most important ingredient is rose hip, which is rich in vitamin C, strengthens connective tissues and blood vessel walls, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to the light texture of this serum and its active ingredients, it balances the sebaceous gland’s function and soothes and moisturizes the skin.

8. Rose hip tonic
This widely popular tonic soothes sensitive, acne-prone skin with inflammation and redness. Wipe your face, neck, and decolletage each morning and night with a cotton pad soaked in Rose hip tonic. Thanks to its mild alcohol content, it removes oil from the skin and has a restorative and pore-tightening effect.

9. Anti-ageing hyaluron eye contour cream
This unique eye cream owes its skin rejuvenating power to spectacularly effective anti-wrinkle plants and natural hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its unique ingredients it moisturizes and smoothes out the sensitive skin around the eyes in seconds. It absorbs quickly and gives you velvety smooth, soft skin after use.

10. Retinal 0.05% serum
The Ilcsi innovation of 2022 was the Retinal family that immediately landed among our hit cosmetics – no wonder why! Retinal is one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients! The serum helps the quick regeneration of epithelial cells, therefore supporting the self-renewal of the epidermis, helping to fade pigmentation and treat acne. In addition, the main ingredients of the retinal product line feature active ingredients like apricot, rowan, and carrots that help provide the skin’s surface with vitamins and minerals. With its regular use, the skin becomes rejuvenated, firm, and radiant