How to get
Ilcsi products

Ilcsi is a professional natural cosmetics brand and a lot of cosmeticians use our products, who have all attended our courses and trainings, this is the only way to ensure that all the clients get the proper products customized to their needs. Because of the special botanical active ingredient content of the products a professional’s caring eye is essential for picking the correct products.


    Because of the high active ingredient content of the products it is essential to have a skin diagnosis performed by a professional before purchasing Ilcsi products. After this you can get the desired products on a discounted price from your Ilcsi cosmetician, directly from the web shop or at Szépségmanufaktúra, our flagship store in Budapest.
    A professional Ilcsi cosmetician analyzes your skin condition
    She builds up a personalized plan about the treatments and products you need considering your lifestyle, cosmetics concerns and skin type.
    In the future this plan will enable you to continue a personalized skin care
    Skin diagnosis and performing a treatment help the Ilcsi cosmetician to provide the proper products suiting your skin

Skin diagnosis takes about 25-30 minutes, it is recommended to repeat it occasionally because the condition of the skin depends on several variable factors.
You can ask for a free of charge skin diagnosis at our flagship store, Szépségmanufaktúra in Budapest also, where you can immediately purchase the products you need.

From the
to the jar

We pay special attention to using organic plants for our creams, certified by Hungária Öko-Garancia Kft., and to get them in the jar as final products in the shortest time possible.


All the herbs, vegetables and fruits used for our formulas are collected from organic farmers, gardens or lands.


Due to the gentle processes developed by Aunt Ilcsi all the plants we put in the jar stay in the product in high concentration. This outstandingly high effective botanical content is what makes Ilcsi special.


Ilcsi formulas contain a unique, inimitable combination of botanical ingredients and have been developed to offer solutions for specified skin concerns. The recipes are identified by receptura numbers, representing the in-depth research behind them.


BDIH, a German based association working together with leading natural cosmetics producers, developed comprehensive guidelines for certified natural cosmetics. BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics logo therefore always indicates that the certain product complies with the strict guidelines of BDIH and guarantees that it is a natural, reliable cosmetic product.


The Standard covers all aspects of sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and control of the products and is built on the principles of prevention and safety, regulating the whole production chain. The certification ensures that the producers of a certain product use natural resources responsibly, apply processing and manufacturing technologies that are clean and respectful of human health and environment, promote the use of products from organic agriculture and believe in the concept of “Green Chemistry” in general.