Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs is a professional natural cosmetic brand. All products have a special and unique receptura number and are made of fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and thermal water only, using the power of living active ingredients rather than extracts. We offer a wide selection of cosmetics to those who prefer to choose natural, healthy skin care solutions with no side effects.

The story of Ilcsi brand goes back to 1958. Ilona Katona, commonly known as ’Aunt Ilcsi’, was a woman with wide holistic knowledge, who travelled the world and had the honor of being invited to 23 cosmetic world congresses. She laid the foundations of her own natural cosmetics as being unsatisfied with the ineffective products available. Her principle – which later became the philosophy of the company – was that everyone “deserves to have customized help with their various cosmetic distresses”. Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs as it is now was formed together with her son in 1984. She combined her experience and spirit with modern technology.

The professional natural products of Ilcsi contain whole plants or plant parts rather than herbal extracts and have an outstandingly high concentration of active ingredients, that is what makes these carefully produced cosmetics special. The plants used are mostly grown on Ilcsi’s organic plantation certified by Öko-Garancia or other Hungarian organic plantations or wild harvested herbs. The clarity of the products is an essential part of Ilcsi’s quality: it works according to the highest standards set for natural cosmetics, the products are audited and certified by the German BDIH, a certification body which applies the strictest certification standards of COSMOS.

 The brand has been an innovator from the very beginning. Aunt Ilcsi, way ahead of her time, brushed aside all the components
which were later widely acknowledged as adverse from her cosmetics and this attitude toward being natural remained. It was a unique and innovative idea back at the time when the brand was founded that “nature has a solution for every skinmarket of high quality, premium and certified natural cosmetics with new design and packaging in the last two years.

In 2020 we took part in an international campaign in cooperation with BBC, please find our film here.

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